These 5 tips for your instagram account,you will never be hacked

These 5 tips your account will never be hacked

These days, offline fasting is happening, in which WhatsApp, Instagram, and email are being fake. Such emails seem to come from a reputed company but people get caught in it. 

If you have these 5 settings on Instagram then your account will never run.

How mobile usage is being done in our lives, in the same proportion, a fishing attack becomes a matter of concern for us. Phishing means such fraud, in this, there is fraud through email. Such emails came to a reputable company, in whose trap, a person discloses his personal information, such as password or credit card.

On Instagram, such people have been cheated many times and who clicked on the message received from their direct message and with this they get cheated. Here we will tell you 5 such settings through which your Instagram account can be saved from being hacked.

1. To protect the account, you have to activate two-factor authentication. This gives double protection to your account, it protects your account even in such a situation. When someone knows your password In this way only you can access the account. Two-factor authentication is done by code sent by SMS or by third-party applications. 

2. You must select a strong password. If it is made by mixing at least 6 letters, November, and special signs, then it is correct.

3. You should revoke access to any third-party application. They expose your login information. 

4. You should never share your password with people you do not trust at all. 

5. Instagram does not interact directly with any user. All communication done by Instagram is done through email.

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