FAITH Horror Game Full Story Explained

FAITH: Chapter III Demo - The Horror (Mortis) Returns, Manly

FAITH Horror Game Full Story Explained

You can Understand by Video


Hey everyone this is Manley Bastian
Welcome to the faith chapter free demo
which should be much introduction so
faith series is about a priest doing
priestly things in a nice environment
and this would be the third part of the

I read this article by my playing experience.

just a trolley so previous fav demos

were almost like if their own can a full

game and sometimes you know there's a

little weird things like objects are

possessed you to throw the cross up and

like a ghost gets released you find a

secret this one I'm not sure does that

much leave much information for the demo

it's almost just kind of like they're so

it seems like we're are we in like an

apartment this time well weird second

floor no to be good in the basement does a

liver not work no I'm just fine to look

there's even music

weird jumps corny Oliver at some point

so you could take the stairs or you

could take the elevator

here's the list of people Graham

Mitchell Clark outgoing Boone hmm hello

Mr. Ward, I'm sorry to have worried you

I'm perfectly fine I've not been feeling

like myself lately

however, I'm much better now these are

not trouble yourself with coming to

visit I've decided to take an extended

vacation in the country so you'll not

find me at home

sincerely Lisa Pierson

let's check out the basement disagree

fun maybe it's just gonna be locked no

it's kind of dark huh oh crap Oh God

Bordeaux smartass

so let's check out the second floor and

not go down to the basement of her again

at least two we have any lights on down


ooh this door looks open to a someone's

been here

it's like a secret evil entrance down

there if he initiated following knows

that in order bring about the stick of

death one must sacrifice seven I passing

they through the carved out of the

impure vessels face then Shelley and

speak will reward a blank with the

second death

such was the feat of that of [ __ ] Amy a

beloved Gary has set his sights far too

low I will surpass her says a person you

have to do or maybe it could be a secret

sacrifice 7 blankets bypassing them

through the plank carved out of the

impure vessels face we saw a face down

below is this dagger here

blessing is uh not dying I'm using

the croissant but it's

invulnerable hmm and it's not for like a

cellar under here or something we'll

come back I guess

we're still fairly early into this demo

we only know what's going down

that's our stairs

I'll double-check anyways this is to go

up well we'll go up anyway why not 3a

is closed there is the elevator

I see the convenience of the stairs now

because you're naturally gonna loop

around see also this noon behind that

green bush

if I can't see me too much hoof it oh


anyone here went in that back room with

the blood take this a key right right


what you pressed out

I know you soon that's like to do that

the last minute you

games saved

yeah see if we keep seeing broken things

like that

so far usually peaceful in comparison

someone broke every mirror in the

building but they don't want to be seen

or something

Krauss went down huh oh it opened whoo

let's just go that way hey gone secret

thankee if you wish to break the seal

aloo your answer lies in a blood-stained

knife from the darkness beneath but only

those have an ascent to the highest point

you descend to lower steps never Gary

loves you

so we saw the knife and we saw the

the darkness beneath the table but he must

have said to the highest which means the

the highest floor I'm assuming

that symbol is interesting a vendor is

giving multiple endings

5b we have the key doesn't go on that

I've never broken mirror similar themes


These missions non-approved whether


I can't tell if that's weird wallpaper

if that supposed to be weird brown blood

descending from the walls

no maybe like like a black more like

water damage

that kind of sell it he'll affect anyone

I mean 6a is used listen to me at the

moment Oh what's this that's something

so I finally had my

the g roommates I have a

whole apartment all to myself the

the building's nice it seems to do neighbors

are kind of weird though always coming

around bringing food and stuff it's

making me a little sick they're

famous the mirrors they're everywhere in

the halls it's nice because I can look

around corners which makes you feel safe

but still weird is kind of

creepy I don't know exactly how to

describe it but when I look at myself in

those mirrors I feel like it's not me in

the reflection of course when I came

home from work today the elevator didn't

work so I had to take the weird one way

stairs and up to the 6th

the floor then though most all the mirrors

were shattered poor soul what's this

there is no sim floor or is there

if it's kind of like is it diverting me

or is there a reason maybe you'll be

putting a secret code to get to the

seventh-floor evil yeah I'm pretty sure

there's the seventh floor maybe

that's pretty jamming music I'm gonna

say they don't you come on there yeah

yeah that's right

yeah Mortis I go get Morris in Ir own

time what that's right on sister tiffany

has gone against the will the

unspeakable I thought I could trust her

but I was wrong the seed with the

original plan the woman if I may be

your vessel let her pious friend come to

rescue her the unspeakable shall crush

them both

five a huh I think that was we

went in there that goes

through the stairs over there so we'll

come back to that don't you think we

check real quick okay yeah goes up so

let's go to you know this hallway

do my stride

maybe that's stride so confidence so

gallant it's like I'm ready to

show this cross to some people never say

there is a seventh-floor whoo now we get

to it, I would think you mean if they

like drop Twitter put a special code

into the elevator I mean it could be a

special ladder to a lesson of the drop

to it

all right ninth floor and then there is

a tenth floor which would be the highest

supposedly if you must go to the highest

point sometimes to reach the darkest

lobe 9a

this if we took the stairs I would have

led to over here like so

have not been attacked at all yeah that

bothers me

Hey look

they call the navel Williams family new

Slayer October 1987 if you reading this

it means you've been invited to the

Williams family annual Halloween block

party it will be held on Halloween

starting at 5 p.m. in apartment 9 be

activities will start probably so, please

do not be late he would find on bringing

a plus-one please let me know in advance

only friends of the family kay those who

will receive this newsletter are invited

also just reminded that this is a

a family-friendly event so please leave

all overly scary costumes and masks and

home team, you still traumatized after

last year's incident also I reckon if

Lee asked you keep all alcohol

cigarettes out of the apartment

yeah we don't talk about last year that

was the whole Battletoads incident the

alcohol no cigarettes problem what had

to do of that someone was a little too

authentic let's just said also we did not

want to repeat the last year with the

power going out so please bring treats

but no tricks and just never friendly

a reminder that anti-religious or satanic

imagery will not be allowed in the

apartment moths you love to send along

the wrong place also please be aware of

Timmy's diet and food allergies and

please be aware that he suffers from

asthma so please do not sneak up on him

or try to scare him again

he's those trouble after last year's

rescues fly misty I've looked at the

cultists were just like

just the set stop here let's stop here

secretly inside they're still having the

the party just no one went the cult this was

like I'm having a bother I can borrow

this place we don't want to deal with

his parents he's good to start telling us

stories he's gotta bring out the picture

book and you know lot says it's not

worth sacrificing him oh this looks nice

it on

I heard a noise I hear evil sacrifice what

you cling to

interesting basement dumb water and

waiter how to do you open handle to open

the hatch police item is being to be

sacrificed inside the container pull

down a handle to close latch press bun

descend dumbwaiter to the basement light

will blink red if done successfully

please make sure your sacrifice does not

jostle around inside the container

that's where we went down at the

basement we died do not open hands once

a time where hasn't reached the basement

and do not have enough earplugs and I'm

tired of people losing them wait for the

green light to come on before using well

it's green

sound video only

I would assume the cross would be what

you'd made me sacrifice because you

cling to it let's go and look at some of

her floors and what kind of come back to


and when these camels here before

there's that blood on it before


something went down

now was their candles on the other side

to me and my memories is like gonna take

over to gamma tell me like I'm starting

to think of it it'd be bad in a horror

the situation that's like what Zara that

tree move okay let's see if anything

changed here

that's a probable song we get in no no

the way we can the seal was not over yet

yeah so that the dagger and then the

mask wherever we saw a mask it was like

that mirror-like Fang was sure had some

masks Oh

now let's try it

now we're doomed

now look you go floor 7 now


oh no we have no choice

oh crap no joke so you haven't caught

out and they a doomed us

straight up Mortis so I'm just gonna go

back and hit the never we're for try

or for try

I saw it ooh a camera it's going to fail



oh crap there's a long cooldown on it

this is how we gotta get around the

basement interesting it's blocked off

but now this is open oh no to make us go

in here check over here real quick find

them secrets whoo

so you leave me over here I might do

some kind of ritual and not realizing it

Martis more days


just walk on by don't flash him while

you're here because then they'll see you

too seems all good in the neighborhood

and I get that secret area though it was

that just a random event oh it looks

increasingly bad someone dead down there

I can get to him they're kind of like

barricaded off I kind of want like a

look at it because it's pretty cool but

like the flashing dodon'don't

I mean isn't our life

you guys  turn off the

power to a well nice we be in the cellar

now I take the dagger to let's get closer

it's gonna be Tommy

yesterday's decently fast oh crap it's

one of these

okay just keep going down

keep going down

go right wait because you got a number

of there is that one instance where if

you went too far and flashed they come

ingegettgettinthinking I can go back an elevator

so my goal would like to get down to the

basement and get my cross back woohoo

you know buddy it's not a flashy you

can't instantly kill me

yeah be careful

wait till this thing is loaded up

before the next era yes there is an

effect across the first now I can't see


you have a light Hey look there's the




seventy times seven so we get into some

of the floor

Lily's seventy times seven my beloved

Gary a loss of masters already steam of

blood my blood the ritual is complete

you will not find on this mortal plane

for I am beyond look Ruby in the unseen

the world if you dare Tiffany

not seven

this one says not seven it's most

seventy times seven


come you you want to fight I see you

like the candles

I'm strong against you now

well it teleports now

Scalia yeah get just get yeah that's my



I'll hunt you down hold my cow cross

very strongly you try to walk behind me

nothing personal what you're tanky

seriously you just need to go down just

give up

seriously this is it's not gonna happen

the way you think it's gonna happen

don't you like choose me down you do

damage or something

no, you're just that durable more TAS

don't you do like a desperation tech


and you are

Lana machines possessed by evil

abscess leaking one

no that's fine by me

so I think I'm locked to see her maybe

that's after the secret or is that what

you're supposed to do Oh Marcus.

I become one what

I like how its

it's not ee the tank is like

us there's just otherworldly God hedge

now that was kept here and faith - let

I just say though that little sequencer

was pretty radical

let me check something we didn't unlock

the seal on this door


please I talk here as fast as I could

let's spoil Esau

go get back yeah that's happening from

earlier whoa crap back briefs

so I have to cross it out of her sit

into one of these things that one

that's right

will defeat us together Lisa as long as

I hold this cross in front of you

get back

not that one

Oh God fighter John fight it

so you have to get to it fast enough

or does that thing Oh God got me I got

too close for this Martius

got that one

whether John for it

I think it tries to drag you into one of


got the right one yeah I feel offer for

the way that's repositioning myself a little

bit so I can tap off their boobies

are you

put Lisa I fought it my face melted

the night was all right

not that one

this one

leave us alone

yeah that's for safety reasons let's back


not that one

Tech kill it Lisa come back what

game over ending one now that I have the

the cross can I come back here and do some

stuff was able to do before

before I was doing like the flashlight

fing going around yeah you guys were

Guardian last time

brothers and sisters praise the

unspeakable living grace of the presence

of an ever great demon aloo is here I

don't understand his motive but he has

put his seal over the vessels door maybe

Tiffany's doing he wants to be a test of

our faith did not cease to pray swallow

your pills you have twice as many normal

that's normal

see yourselves in with bricks and mortar

and had so-called priest shows up to take

he and the embassy grade him over the altar

preferably still alive and Irma Gary

loves you

well here's the altar maybe now I can

stiffing on this nice over the sisters

this month we will host a very special

the visitor is here to prepare the way if

Ian's coming on the unspeakable of

course due to its first nature has full

access to the entire building including

your apartments bedrooms etc if you're

lucky enough to see it he would do well

not to approach or speak to it when I

talk in the military and try to stay out of

its way one of you will be blessed the

the fun has made its home and your dwelling

it did not go down to the hole make man

whose voice you hear down there if you

believe one of your fellow brothers

sisters are inside please note if I mean

I will retrieve them their manes a

timely manner also just a reminder that

Renton vetoes are doing by Friday love

Gary okay now was the whole the one

the place I was like a big sacrifice chamber

I thin

Hey whoo

it was a day open before you say whoo

you came over anything to carry so that's it

for the faith free demo

I'm interested to see if we can get in

that sin floor I've heard a few

different things related to the

pinkeye and some other stuff I'm not

quite sure I would do it if it's just a

kind of bait Easter Egg or not it's no

rending up there could very well be I

can see the developers can taunting

people within their URLs being there is

no sun flora etc so I'm a mess run

that game a little bit I find Adelphia

in a separate video

yeah it's more faith it plays exactly

the same as the ever-famous which is not

necessarily a bad thing it's always been

income a very simple game and it kind of

rides on its Martez and it's cool

rotoscope little things and there was a

pretty radical rotoscoped kind of

cutscenes going on and some a little set

for this little standalone demo so if

the full game kind of goes bananas on

that and we see some weird

demonic kind of alien almost kind of

stuff just kind of off the wall I feel

like that's the would-be through the

best because we've had the more subdued

the first game where you're on the farm and

everything and he had some colored
youryourerd stuff like that

and then at the second, we're kind of a

little more harddisk almost winter like a

a church and graveyard and my tomorrows

stuff was a little more horror scenario

ish so if the furry one goes into a kind

of the depths of how crazy can we make

this like that'd be pretty cool.

we'll see anyway so if we can hope for

much you play the faith free demo I'll

see you guys later and take it simple.
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