5 Best PC Games under 500 MB


Pc games under 500 mb

Welcome in PUBGresearch. Site. Here i will providing you best 5 Pc games under 500MB. 

ALL games are online game, which means have an a internet connection to play theses games. 

#1 wwe Smackdown 2k12

Size : 477 Mb 

 You can play all games of wwe from 2006 to 2012 under low specs. And these are most popular. And these game haves have different story lines,  and have crazy character.  If you have interst in wwe then definitely checkout this game. 

#2 Half-life 2 

Size : 436 MB

THIS is first person shooter games. This game have a cinematic environment  gameplay. This game a best and intersting story line and dangerous  weapons.this game having a puzzle problems and many more things.  And this graphics are very good 

#3 spider man - 2

SIZE :  104 mb
If you like spider man.  And want to swing fight then this is best game for you.  This is open environment game.In this game have intersting syroy line and in fight a hand to hand combat.  This is a action game.

#4 GONE Home 

SIZE : 492 mb
THIS IS A DETECTIVE style game.In this game you have to collect clues and complete the missions. This game give you a mystery and you to solve it. Graphics of the is decent.If you need a puzzle solving game then this game is best for you. 

#5 PRINCE OF PERSIA : Warrior Within

Size : 270MB 
This games is all time favorite of all players. Ths game is a adventure game.In thid game you have to fight for Princess.