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Premium Green screens For Your PUBG Mobile/FreeFire /Fortnite Montages

Green screen video download 

How Green Screen Works

Green screens are a very important effect to have when you're making a very low-budget video or a very high budget blockbuster production but what exactly happens when you stand in front of a green sheet then you bring it into a computer and then it just makes it all go away well that's what I'm going to be teaching you today how do green screens work well it almost starts when you shoot the video with probably a digital camera what happens is the camera sensor is way more sensitive to green channels such as one-pot me um than any other channel so that's why we use scream instead of any of your third color such as blue red or purple I'm not sure why you'd want a purple screen but you know what whatever makes it happy also green is way less common clothing and in skin tones if you have grown skin please consult a doctor like right now so then yes it just goes from real life into the camera lens into the camera sensor behind the lens then that all gets processed through a camera CMOS chip and then into your SD card um where you pop it out of your camera into the computer now let's talk about what happens on the computer so you take the video from the SD card and you put it on your computer's hard drive or external hard drive which is what I'm doing in my case I have three terabyte external drive and I just transfer all my SD video onto that drive then you click and drag those videos into your editor of choice in my case it's either Final Cut Pro 10 or Premiere Pro CC but you drag it in there and it's just as you see on the camera screen why is that well that's because you haven't told it to do anything with footage you have to add the effect which in Premiere Pro is called ultra key and I'm from and in Final Cut it's just called keyer both of which can be found in the effects panel I believe on federal cut it is over here somewhere in this area and in Premiere Pro it is somewhere over here or up here that's about it then you click and drag that in and it's like okay we're in here what do we check what do we have to find well you have to click on an eyedropper right and then you click on a great section of background or the video itself you can key out this shirt you can keep my face but most people would want to key out the green right now this is just raw footage taken from the camera and then key using Final Cut Pro 10 as you can see there is a lot of like weird dark spots everywhere so now we're just going to try and refine that by using a few click and drag adjusters and now it looks so pretty and now I in front a void background or a green one or a purple one oh so that's how green screens work if you learned something today please be sure to share it on your social networks and like this video subscribe for more content not like this but if you like the style of video please tell me down below because it could be a regular series.

Green screen video download 

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Premium Green screens For Edit Your Montages

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