Facts Of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam | island of APJ Abdul kalam

Top 10 Facts About Dr. APJ Abdul kalam


let's find out some curious facts you
might have missed about the Missile man
of india
Abdul kalam was an aerospace scientist and 11th president of india and he was known as the people's President
Here are 10 interesting facts about APJ Abdul kalam

 1. Abdul kalam's island

Abdul kalam island formerly known as
Wheeler island is located in the Bay of Bengal , Off the coast of odisha
It is the missile test facility for most of the missiles of india .Kalam referred to this island as his theater of action.

2. Switzerland celebrates National science day

Switzerland celebrates National science day On may 26 , In honor of callum's visit to
the country on the same day.

3. He never owned a television 

He never owned a television at his home throughout his life , he used to listen to the radio instead for .He was a bachelor.He believed his dedicated life towards the nation .He has no time for a life partner

 5. He was a newspaper boy 

He was a newspaper boy . He had to sell newspapers to financially support his family at an early age. He did this job in the evenings after school hours .His family was poor , even though his ancestors were wealthy traders

6. His father was a boat owner

His father was a boat owner and a mom of a local mosque who took pilgrims back and forth between rameshwaram and the danish kodi

7.  He wants to become a fighter pilot for the indian air force

APJ Abdul Kalam wants to become a fighter pilot for the indian air force.He missed achieving his dream, he was very interested to become a fighter pilot for the indian air force,but he was placed 9th in the selection list dnd only eight were selected eight 

8. Seven honorary doctorates

He received seven honorary doctorates
from 40 universities around the world
California university of technology,

Edinburg university university of

NTU singapore 

9. Renamed in honor

There are two universities renamed in honor of kalam .
After his demise
kerala technological university and
uttar pradesh technical university

10. Researchers at NASA 

Researchers at nasa  jet propulsion laboratory had discovered a new bacterium on the filters of the international space station (ISS)
and named it solid basilas kalami to
honor him.



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