How To Screenshot On Samsung | Tablet Samsung Tablet

How To Screenshot On Samsung mobilesHow to screenshot on Samsung M31/Mobiles/Tablets

(This method is used for all Samsung devices/Tablets)
There are 3 methods you can take a taken screenshot of Samsung devices.

First Method: Press volume down button + Power button simultaneously.

Second Method: Swipe right to left with your palm ✋ of your Samsung m31 phone.
(You have to enable this feature in your settings.)
How To Enable "Palm To Screenshot Settings"
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Advance Features.
  3. Motion and Gestures.
  4. Enable " Plam swipe to capture".
Third Method: For using this method you have to enable Samsung's Assistant Menu.
  1. Click on the assistant menu, which is floating on your Samsung m31 screen.
  2. Then click on the screenshot.
How to enable Samsung's assistant menu.
  1. Go to "settings".
  2. Go to "Accessibility".
  3. Go to "Interaction and dextenity".
  4. Enable the "Assistant menu".

Easy way to make a copy of a MS word document

Easy way to make a copy of a MS word document

How to make a copy of an MS word Document

In this article, I will show you how to make duplicate copies of any document existing on your computer.

These are the following step that you can copy your document.

  • open the document that you want to duplicate.
  • See upper left corner A option will see named "FILE".
  • Click on "File".
  • Click on "Save as".
  • you can name your file.
  • you can change your saving path by clicking on browse.
  • once you decide your saving path then,
  • Click on save.


  • Go to Folder 📂 where you select the saving path.
  • open the document.

If you encounter any problem during doing this task then comment to me.

These 5 tips for your instagram account,you will never be hacked

These 5 tips your account will never be hacked

These days, offline fasting is happening, in which WhatsApp, Instagram, and email are being fake. Such emails seem to come from a reputed company but people get caught in it. 

If you have these 5 settings on Instagram then your account will never run.

How mobile usage is being done in our lives, in the same proportion, a fishing attack becomes a matter of concern for us. Phishing means such fraud, in this, there is fraud through email. Such emails came to a reputable company, in whose trap, a person discloses his personal information, such as password or credit card.

On Instagram, such people have been cheated many times and who clicked on the message received from their direct message and with this they get cheated. Here we will tell you 5 such settings through which your Instagram account can be saved from being hacked.

1. To protect the account, you have to activate two-factor authentication. This gives double protection to your account, it protects your account even in such a situation. When someone knows your password In this way only you can access the account. Two-factor authentication is done by code sent by SMS or by third-party applications. 

2. You must select a strong password. If it is made by mixing at least 6 letters, November, and special signs, then it is correct.

3. You should revoke access to any third-party application. They expose your login information. 

4. You should never share your password with people you do not trust at all. 

5. Instagram does not interact directly with any user. All communication done by Instagram is done through email.

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update For Android: Apk Download Link For All Users - Pubgresearch

PUBG Mobile global version 1.3 beta update for Android|New Map|New weapon.

Pubg mobile version 1.3 latest downlaod

As you know Pubg Mobile Banned in India.So, I have advised Indian users to not download this game. for security purposes.

What's On

The new Karakin map is added. It is of the most anticipated features to have been added in his beta version.

As this is a beta version Player can download or test the game. Link in Bellow.

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update For Android: Apk Download Link

The Application is 624MB

Watch Gameplay Here By (RPG Gaming)


Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Download Pubg Mobile Global 1.3 Beta Update

Any Problem downloading this update then let me know in the comments below.

FAITH Horror Game Full Story Explained

FAITH: Chapter III Demo - The Horror (Mortis) Returns, Manly

FAITH Horror Game Full Story Explained

You can Understand by Video


Hey everyone this is Manley Bastian
Welcome to the faith chapter free demo
which should be much introduction so
faith series is about a priest doing
priestly things in a nice environment
and this would be the third part of the

Pubg Highly Compressed Pc 500mb-PUBG PC LITE Download free-Pubgresearch

PUBG HIGHLY COMPRESSED PC 500MB Latest version Download-PUBGResearch

pubg highly compressed pc 500mb

TAMBE OF CONTENTS  For Pubg Highly Compressed Pc 500MB

  • How To Install
  • Direct Downloading link for Pubg Highly Compressed Pc 500MB.

List of all jio ussd codes:PUK Codes,Stop call Fowarding code,Check Balance to all USSD codes.

ussd code of jio mobile,puk code,balnceinquary code,

what is USSD Codes? List of all USSD codes of jio operator?

the full form of USSD code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. it is also known as "feature code" or "quick codes".These codes are used to communicate with mobile network operators 

This post will provide you almost every  USSD code of the JIO operator.if anyone left let me know in comment section . it will update the post.

what is Puk Code?

PUK Code is  Called Personal Unblocking Key. This is 8 digit code. It is used to unblock your SIM Card. This code is used whenever you fill 3 times wrong PIN.when a SIM  Card Blocked by PUK Code it Cannot be unblocked by own.


A PUK code is printed on the back of your sim card.

How to check your JIO balance on Mobile? JIO KA MOBILE BALANCE KAISE CHECK KRE?

There Are 4 Types You Can Check Your Jio Balance.

New Tamil Dubbed Movies Of Hollywood in 2021

Tamil dubbed movies

Tamil dubbed Hollywood movies you can watch in 2021

here I will provide you best Tamil dubbed movies list. These are originally English langue but a dubbing artist voice-over on these movies to convert movies in any language.

Best Circle Gaming Chair In India 2021

Best Circle Gaming Chair In India 2021

What is a Gaming Chair or Circle gaming chair?

A Gaming chair is a chair, which is designed for video game players. these chairs are extremely good for these players who are sitting maxing time on the chair. It is completely different from your office chairs.

A circle gaming chair is the innovation of a gaming chair. On this chair, you can see your room 360 degrees on sitting in one place. It is best for those persons who have upper back and shoulder problems.

I know a Gaming chair is too expensive to buy, but my list is made up of a valuable product.

I will provide you list of my best circle gaming chair in 2021.

All chairs having a beautiful design.
Comfort for sit.

Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Circle Gaming Chair


  • comfortable to adjust
  • Long-lasting material
  • Lockable seats
  • caster wheels for seamless mobility
  • smooth experience
  • soft armed
  • head and backrest pillow
  • 3 mode- working mode, Rest mode, Reading Mode

FAQ's About This Product

1) Does The Tilt Lock At All Angles?
: yes

2) I am around 110 Kg can it sustain it?
: No, because its bottom chase is made up of plastic, it is surely broken after some time. you can select another chair on the list.

Wifi Full Form , Do wifi hacks | Full Details

What is wifi full form | How to hack wifi password

Table of Contents

  • Wifi Full Form
  • Wifi Adapter
  • Wifi Dongle
  • How To Hack Wifi Password

What is wifi?

Wifi Full Form

Wi-Fi is a technology in which, we send or receive all types of data from one computer to another.

Wi-Fi full form?

WiFi is known as Wireless Fidelity and it is also known which is known as "Wireless Local Area Network."

Application OF WI-FI

  • WI-FI is used by all business to transfer your data from ane computer to another
  • Wi-Fi is used to make a hotspot within 66 feet (20 meters) distance.
  •  It’s slighter secure than wired communication since to use Wi-Fi, the attacker doesn’t need the physical connection.

jio wifi


It is a device which is used to surf the internet .it is a device which is manufactured by JIO.
Jio is an Indian telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Jio Platforms, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles.

A dongle is a type of computer hardware, which connects to a port on another device to provide it with additional functionality or enable a pass-through to such a device that adds functionality.